Q: How did this album come about? What's the story?

A: Within the last few years I've been working on finding my hook as a film composer. I had the pleasure of working on a few projects by now and during this process I also wrote pieces that didn't end up on any movie. Some were left out because of pragmatic or artistic decisions, and others were simply written for no particular film in mind.

Q: Are these pieces of any particular style or mood? Is it all orchestral for instance?

A: The one thing that binds these works is the cinematic atmosphere, although some might probably have too much 'presence' to function as a soundtrack. Just as my love for diversity is reflected on my albums with Modest Midget and in my repertoire in general, this album consists of anything from piano music to brass, orchestral strings, Epic music etc.

Q: What about Modest Midget?

A: What about them?

Q: You have just published a new album with them recently.

A: Oh, yes. "Crysis" was launched last September. It was hard work and it became another one of those quirky musical productions that are tricky to promote. Still, enough people dug it and were very enthusiastic.

Q: Are you planning a tour?

A: I certainly still feel the itch to go on stage every once in a while, but right now I'm happy to work purely on music without worrying about the hassles around a working band.

Q: So what exactly have you been up to?

A: Different projects kept me busy. I've been arranging music for the lovely Ricciotti ensemble, from Die-Hard Pop hits like 'Rather Be' to heavier works like Mussorgsky's 'Field Marshal' which I had the honor of orchestrating for their tour with Soprano Ekaterina Levental. I also revised my piece 'The Ska Is The Limit' for a Youth Orchestra competition (De NCVJ) and it will be performed during the finals on June the 13th in De Doelen, Rotterdam. I also arranged music for the Tango trio Escapada and have just composed a short piece for pianist Daria van der Bercken. I also transcribed a little tune for the Dutch Winds Ensemble (NBE) for their New Years' Eve concert in the Concertgebouw (2014-15). It's always an honor to work with such fine musicians.

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

A: Yes. Please buy my album...


released April 27, 2015

All compositions & orchestrations by Lionel Ziblat (ASCAP).



all rights reserved